NELTAS (National English Language Testing and Assessment System) is an analytical test based on the application of formal and functional grammar. The test will assess the students' performance with respect to a set of pre-defined skills and give them feedback for the same.


Our vision is to be a leading English Language Testing and Assessment Institute, offering innovative tests and detailed assessments to help students, parents, teachers and schools in India and globally.


NELTAS mission is to raise the benchmark of evaluating and assessing English Language skills and provide feedback for the same. NELTAS will endeavor to develop and deliver an all inclusive feedback which would serve as a guiding light for parents and teachers in tracing their child's growth and identifying his areas of strengths and weaknesses.

  1. To help the students communicate effectively and express their ideas with clarity.
  2. To expand and enhance their vocabulary.
  3. Help them understand concepts and retain them.
  4. Make them comfortable with grammar, there by, developing in them, a liking for the subject.
  5. Help them strengthen their writing, speaking and comprehension skills.
  6. To help them prepare for further International competitive exams like IELTS and TOEFL.